Thursday, December 16, 2004

  Black Tactics

Over at Black Introspection they have another of their patented posts about how bad negro cons are. One of the reason I read that site on a regular basis is that I think they are a good example of classic communist thinking. The basic tenet of communistic thinking is that group identity and collective work is required for individual progress. This thinking works on all levels. A person can't be healthy on their own by exercising, eating right and avoiding personally risky behavior like cigarettes and unsafe sex. In their thinking the collective must provide health care to everyone. And of course this cooperation must be provide by the only organization that has a monopoly on coercion in America, the government.

I think I understand them pretty well. At one time I was them. But as I learned more, I realized that group progress is made by individual's work. The civil rights movement made this change possible for black Americans. Before the civil rights act, it was not only legal but is was required to deprive blacks of opportunity. Since their mortgages were redlined from the federal mortgage market their homes couldn't appreciate. Because of racist hiring they could be legally denied to use their education to earn a good living for themselves. They could be forced to use inferior hospitals, or groceries. It was legal to charge them higher prices just because they were black.

To remove these obstacles my parents and civil rights leaders used economic and legal tactics that were appropriate to the problem. Some of the tools were economic boycotts, marches and voter registration drives. They were very effective, I know they were because my life is much better today than it was for a young black man 40 years ago.

Being Americans we never settle for good enough. We still want more, and many people like the people over at Black Introspection believe that the tactics of the past would still be working if it wasn't for the small numbers of negro-con that have been bought off by THE MAN and halting our progress. But can 20 years of zero political progress for black America be blamed on less than 1% of the America's population. I don't think so. I think the political progress for black America has stalled because the tactics of the past don't work anymore.

I don't speak for all negro-cons, but we all have something in common, and that is a belief in new solutions, new tactics to accomplish our goals.

Black leaders, and the writers of Black Introspection should stop trying to use negro-cons as a classic scapegoat for their tactical failures. We also want what is best for black America, but we a tired of the doing the same old, same old that doesn't help the majority of black Americans.

We have similar if not the same goals, just different tactics. At the base of our tactics is empowering the individual.

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