Monday, December 13, 2004

  Rumsfeld was Right

Why is Afghanistan a success and Iraq's fate is still up in the air? Because in Afghanistan we followed Rumsfeld's plan and in Iraq we didn't. In Rumsfeld's War on frontline they talk about his real plan. Just 50,000 troops, backed with Kurds and other anti Saddam forces. Strike directly at Baghdad, quick elections through local caucuses (like Iowa does) and no occupation. Here is a link to someone complaining about his original plan.

The problem of Iraq is simple. Too many America troops. Local militias of which there were many should have been used for local security, that is the only security that matters to Iraqi. Kurds were our allies, Shiites were our allies they should have been trusted but the state department would have nothing of it. I admire Rummy for dealing with facts instead blaming others when he is doing his job. For example General Garner had a long standing relationship with the Kurds. If he was in charge of the occupation the Kurds would not have vetoed the 40,000 Turkish troops were ready to be send to Iraq. Imagine how that would have changed the occupation.

I advise everyone to do some research on your own, ask questions, like why are we still in Bosnia. Mistakes were made by all people involved in Iraq, mistakes are made in every war. But the mistakes may not be the ones you read in the press. Both Europe and the Arab world have reasons to make sure we fail in Iraq and our liberal press believes that every war is Vietnam.
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