Friday, March 26, 2004

  What are Black Issues in 2004 ?

Here are my thoughts on the issues affecting Black Americans in 2004, but not in order.

Top Tier Issues:

Education: Because without it you are disadvantage to succeed in global economy

Jobs: Because you have to be able to pay your bills

Housing: Because you have to have a place to rest at night

Home Ownership: Because most wealth in the American middle class is in their home

Felony Disenfrancement: Because of racist Criminal Justice system blacks are denied the right to vote disproportionally

Health Care: Because shorter life spans damage families and communities in many ways

Secondary Issues:

Iraq: Because Black Americans are a disproportionate part of the military due to historical poverty

Affirmative Action: It does help a few but not a majority of Black Americans

Police brutality: Lets be honest doesn't effect most Black Americans

Culture War: From Gay Marriage : Single Parent households : Abortion

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