Friday, April 02, 2004

  308,000 New Jobs in March

Great news for everyone, black and white Americans included. And great news for Bush 2004 since that was the issues he was the weakest on. Especially in swing states. And a shout out to the 300K new tax payers, congratulations.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

  Thomas Sowell: My platform
Government subsidies would be drastically reduced, starting at the top. That is, there would be a prohibition against giving a dime of government money to anyone whose annual income or total assets exceed one billion dollars. Why should agricultural subsidies be going to Ted Turner and David Rockefeller, or "universal health care" pay for their medicine?

Who could object to cutting off subsidies to billionaires? Once that was done, however, the next step would be to cut off millionaires. Then we could proceed on down the income scale until people making a hundred grand a year could no longer expect to be subsidized with the taxpayer's money.

The great advantage of this way of proceeding is that it would rob the media of opportunities to run sob stories about how some poor person was hurt by cutbacks in some government program -- even when the vast majority of those who were hurt were the bureaucrats who run these programs and slick special interests who hide behind the poor.

By the time we got down to cutting off all government subsidies to people making $100,000 a year or more, the federal budget would probably not only be balanced but have a surplus. Of course, there would be hordes of unemployed bureaucrats being interviewed on TV, complaining that the world was going to end, without their vital contributions. But that could be brushed aside.

You must read this guy. You will learn so much.
  LEONARD PITTS JR.: Time to write an agenda for blacks in U.S.
I can think of three things off the top of my head that ought to be on it.

One: Stop waiting for the next Martin Luther King.

Two: Re-integrate white folks of good will into the struggle.

Three: Handle our business.
Truth is, much of what ails black folk is within the power of black folk to fix. We need to bring fathers back into our families. We need to prioritize education above entertainment. We need to shut off the television sometimes and read. We need to support black business. We need to bling-bling less and save-save more. We need to stop saying "nigger."

Honestly, there is no shortage of items for the agenda, no shortage of things black Americans and white need to do. But arguably the most important is simply to find the clear-eyed faith to believe, as they did 40 and 50 years ago, that just because a thing always had been did not mean it always must be.

  Have you EVER seen the dems give this much respect to a Black Person ?
Now the liberals will get their wish: Dr. Rice will tell her side of the story, under oath, in public. And with the suspense that's already gathering around her appearance, it will be a hit. The rest of the nation will soon discover what careful observers of the Bush's inner circle already know: Rice is the most poised, articulate, and convincing speaker in the entire administration. She will mop up the floor with Clarke.

Not only will Rice make short work of Clarke, she will emerge from the hearing with conservatives flinging themselves at her feet, begging her to run for president in 2008. (There's already a website devoted to her potential candidacy even though she's said, on multiple occasions, she has no interest in the office.) And it would serve liberals right if she did decide to run, for Rice would be their worst nightmare. She would win the women's vote outright, peel away half the black vote, and set back the Democratic party for a generation.

Anyone who doesn't see that this is a great nail in the coffin of Racism in American is on dust.

  Everyone Knows its time for a Change in Black Voting Habits

From the Birmingham Times:
When the Democratic Party finishes catering to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition, NAACP, and SCLC, some of those unemployed, displaced Democrats are going to vote with the Republicans. Al Sharpton will be one of the keynote speakers at the Democratic Convention in Massachusetts. Whatever loyal Democrats members they have left, half of them will be lost.
In order for Kerry to win this race three things have to happen:
(1) All the Civil Rights organizations should not even attempt to be a part of the Democratic Convention. The message they should send to the public is they have not decided who they will vote for, and then raise that less than 40 percent voting trend to a 85-90 percent voter turnout in November and cast all their votes for John Kerry.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

  Hearing the talking drum but not getting the picture

From the NYC Amsterdam News:
Aside from institutional racism, our problems are rooted in political illiteracy and economic ignorance. The Montgomery Bus Boycott showed us that institutional racism is vulnerable to economic sanctions while being politically disenfranchised.
Until we learn how to vote and how to spend we will always suffer from sundry problems including male unemployment and lack of access to the airwaves and to cyberspace. This requires independent, visionary and uncompromising leadership that is short on rhetoric and long on results.

  How can the election be so close and NOBODY is giving anything to black American
Crunching those numbers right now shows a dead heat. Literally. It is entirely feasible that at this point in the race John Kerry has 269 Electoral College votes leaning his way and President Bush tallies the same exact number leaning to his side. That leaves a tally of 269-269, but it takes 270 Electoral College votes to win.

What does that mean?

Recounts, accusations of voter fraud and a deeply divided nation. The U.S. House of Representatives would pick the president and vice-president according to the 12th amendment to the US Constitution. Oh--and add plenty of work for lawyers, courts and a bitter partisan fight that would likely last longer than the 2000 vote tally. It would wreak havoc with the presidential election process even more than in 2000 and cause massive chaos.

  On Friday Night I realized how far we have progressed in my lifetime

On my way home I walked by a part that had gotten a little out of control. So the police arrived. Back in the day when Cops broke up a black party. Everyone got out of dodge ASAP to avoid a trouble. In 2004 all of the young black people are just hanging around outside of the party without the slightest fear that the cops will get out of control. Its not a big, black kids love cops party but it shows how even basic assumptions of police behavior have improved.

BTW: I will be telling my sons that when the cops show up to break up a party its still time to go.

Monday, March 29, 2004

  Gays are not the nation's new African Americans
It has been said loudly and proudly that gay marriage is a civil-rights issue. If that's the case, then gays would be the new African Americans. I'm here to tell you now, and hopefully for the last time, that the gay community is not the new "African-American" community.

Even the Rev. Jesse Jackson stated that the fight of gays and lesbians wanting to marry should not be compared to the fight African Americans faced for civil rights. The comparison of the plight of the gay community to slavery is a stretch; remember, gays were never called "three-fifths" human, according to the Constitution, and they did not require the Voting Rights Act to gain the same democratic rights as whites.

What is this world coming to when you see the likes of myself, a conservative African American, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a liberal African American, both agreeing on the same subject?

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