Saturday, June 19, 2004

  Sudan = Rwanda II

Friday, June 18, 2004

  My General Interest Blog

In cyberspace no one knows your black. Back in October 2003 I started my first blog with this statement "First we must be able to accurately observer the world around us. Then we should think, then we should act, then we should evaluate whether our actions achieved the goals we desired."

I still updated Half Full on a regular basis. At Half Full I look at all issues. Here I focus on Black Issues. Anyway stop by today a lot of interesting posts about international affairs and how the press has overspun.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

  Prometheus 6 : On tactics

Prometheus 6 has agreed with the premise of this blog in his latest post,"we're taking bids for our votes after that from all comers". But of course as usual, the timing is not right, to quote "the Neocon thing currently in place that has to go". As always Black America showing its power needs to wait for a better time.

Well there is no better time, Republicans control both the house and the Senate and they will continue to do so because the democrats have no plan to take it back. That means even if Kerry promised black America anything (which he has not) he wont be able to deliver it.

Prometheus 6 said "It would be foolish to support someone that has acted against the constituency's interests". Well I have found the current democratic party working against my interest more that the current republican administration.

We have democrats asking to bring back the draft, great so now they can eliminate the finacial benefits used by thousand of young black people to get training, education, money and experience and use them for cannon fodder with even lower pay.

We have democrats fighting tooth and nail to not allow the Federal Government to give vouchers for black families in Washington DC.

We have Democrats wanting to repeal the NCLB act which may finally break education out of the geographic and economic apartheid of local school funding.

We have a democratic presidential candidate suggesting that we lower taxes on corporations so they can pay even less than the less than their fair share they are currently paying.

We have democratic protectionist telling our trading partners to raise prices on their goods so poor black consumers can purchase fewer things with their dollars.

And despite the shit they have been getting for being sell-outs, having Rice and Powell on the news almost every day with the president is good for black America. It shows young blacks that they can have access to the highest levels of power. It show closet racist like Richard Clark that you need to learn to respect your boss even if she is a black woman. It teaches the racist who live in conservative circles that their time is coming to an end.

Take advice from Prometheus 6 and don't vote for someone who stands against your interest.

More detailed looks at the important issues for black America.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

  Do the Math: From Prometheus 6

Even he realizes that black America should be determining this election.

Monday, June 14, 2004

  Electoral College Calculator
  My words on Reagan

I did not like him, I still do not like him or his policies. I think trading guns for hostages was a disgrace, and I think running out of Lebanon was a disgrace. Cutting taxes for the rich while increasing the regressive social security tax on the poor was another disgrace. I have nothing good to say about him as president, So I will say no more.

I think George Bush is an Much Better President than Reagan. What I find scary is that the left in its Bush hate, now puts up Reagan as a better president. People have very short memories. It makes me sad.

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