Monday, December 27, 2004

  The Scott Wickham Experience

Time has come for me to move my blog home. Over they past two years I have moved from Half Full which was my attempt to counter the forces of negativism I see everywhere in the media and to understand the world. To this blog Blacks For Bush which has focused on the election and the black experience and the future of blacks in America. I have been totally blown away by the responses I have received while publishing this blog but now that the "most important election of our lives" is over the title is fully appropriate. Yes I supported Bush over Kerry, but now it time for detailed analysis of upcoming social security proposal and I don't want my reader to think that my support for Bush is unqualified. For example I am very disappointed in the deck chair shuffling they called intelligence reform. Whether the rhetoric of an ownership society becomes real comes down to the details. There are also other issues that change our world. Movies, technology and just making money. I will investigate and share and I hope you will all join me over at The Scott Wickham Experience.

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