Wednesday, March 17, 2004

  Not Voting IS NOT THE ANSWER : We are already giving the country to the republicans but we are getting nothing in return.

Low black voter turnout helped GOP

Low black voter turnout helped Republicans take surprisingly easy victories in key Southern states, say political observers, who suggest Democratic overtures to blacks may have been too little, too late.

Black voter drives by the Rev. Jesse Jackson and former President Clinton on the final weekend before Florida's gubernatorial election failed to keep Gov. Jeb Bush from winning another term.
In Georgia, where the county with the most blacks saw 13,000 fewer voters than four years earlier, Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes and Sen. Max Cleland both lost to lesser-known Republicans.
The GOP also wrested control of the governor's office in South Carolina and was locked in a tight race for the top job in Alabama, too. And the Republicans held on to four open Southern seats in the Senate.
''How can this happen?'' asked University of Georgia political scientist Charles Bullock. ''One of two ways: Either, one, blacks didn't turn out. Or, two, blacks were voting Republican. I think blacks not turning out is more likely.''
Rep. Cynthia McKinney, who was defeated in this year's Democratic primary in Georgia, said Tuesday's ''stunning general election debacle'' shows that the Democrats failed to value their traditional black base.
''While the national pundits postulate on the reasons why minority voters didn't turn out, minority voters themselves know the truth,'' she said. ''For generations, the Democratic Party has taken the minority vote for granted.''
McKinney said black voters delivered victories for both Barnes and Cleland in their last elections, ''but these two stunning victories failed to see sufficient returns for blacks in Georgia.''

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