Saturday, March 20, 2004

  Terrorism Crime or War:

In 1993, Terrorists bombed the World Trade Center. Six people were killed. Television was knocked off the air. We responded with a trial that revealed deep sources in terrorist cells. 8 years later the Terrorists killed 3000 Americans. On Sept 12 2001 I woke up to the smell of the WTC burning. These were not the first attacks on Americans. This article, Death to America, has a list. Terrorist don't say, hey this potential victim is black and has been oppressed like us and so we will spare them, white, black, rich, poor are all victims of terrorism.

The 8 years between the WTC attacks, terrorism was fought with law enforcement. Law enforcement doesn't get the job done. Law enforcement can't keep crack out of our neighborhoods, nor can it keep out terrorist.

Kerrry and the Europeans believe in law enforcement, Bush believes in war. On this issue alone I will do my best to give Bush 4 more years. I am unwilling to allow thugs to destroy civilization through murder.

Of course people try to say Iraq wasn't a legitimate target in the war on terrorism. Well Saddam encouraged suicide terrorism by training and paying Palestinian and other terrorist. And as Black Americans who were freed from Slavery by a bloody war, we should understand sometime freedom must come from outside. Not everyone was able to get free using the underground railroad. 25 million people are now free, and if you think their lives are not significantly better than in Saddam days then you are ignorant of the hell the Iraqis lived in.

If only Clinton had the courage to act in Rwanda.
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