Wednesday, April 28, 2004

  Contradictions at the core of Kerry campaign
"The "argument" (quotation marks are necessary since often it's really
a sputter) from Kerry's supporters and the Democratic National
Committee is that his service in Vietnam proves that he's strong on
defense and qualified to be commander-in-chief. (They also suggest his
service proves he is patriotic, manly, cool, sexy and impregnable from

The response from his critics (which in fairness often takes the form
of a growl) is that whatever Kerry did in Vietnam is vitiated by his
anti-war behavior and his long and detailed record of peacenickery in
the Senate.

But if signing up for Vietnam proves Kerry's got the right judgment to
be commander-in-chief, how come Kerry believes Vietnam was a huge
mistake for America?

Think about it. Kerry and DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe have mocked
Dick Cheney and other members of the Bush administration for not
serving in Vietnam. But Kerry made his political career by saying that
Vietnam was a moral and national security disaster. He claims that
going to fight for "a mistake" (Kerry's words) was his defining
moment. Well, if Vietnam was a mistake, how does it demonstrate
Kerry's good judgment?"

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