Monday, May 24, 2004

  Resisting the urge to Blog

Fast information, is an addiction. It hinders clear thought. Many things don't need deep though, they are already known. For example I don't have to think about opening a door for a lady. It happens without thought. Blogging is so easy that it to can happen without thought. Find an article that interest you, link, quote and maybe a comment. Its easy fun and useful, but sometimes one should stop think, write and think again. The Cosby uproar is something I want to think on before I post on it.

I have also finished reading "The two income trap" I was not designed to be a book about black issues, but they had a interesting throw away piece of data, which was that you are more likely to get a subprime mortgage as a wealthy black person as than as a poor white person.

More later ...
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