Friday, May 21, 2004

  War on Terror is a Non - Issue for the election

Many, Many people will vote for Kerry over Bush because they feel strongly about the war in Iraq. Despite the press coverage of the war it is a small issue and you should NOT cast your vote on it.

American has been in a war against terror for over 25 years. The effect of terrorist on America and Americans is a rounding error at best. Yes losing 3000 people and the WTC was a terrible blow to the economy of NYC, but if the effect of terrorism was the problem we could have taken the 5 billion a month we are spending in Iraq to compensate the victims of 9/11 and other terrorist acts with money to spare.

But then people say but soldiers and civilians are dying, this is a life or death issue. But that is bullshit, everything is a life or death issues. More Frenchmen died in a heat wave last summer than all of the Iraqis and Americans killed during the entire conflict. To put it is perspective About 11000 Iraqi and Americans have died in the conflict while in America 15,000 people have died of AIDS.

Its a common problem to believe news coverage equals importance. Clinton fought multiple wars with minimal press coverage. I suspect if Kerry gets elected Iraq will slowly fall off the front page and it will continue as it does today, with good days and bad days, just like our "occupation" of Japan and South Korea.

By any rational analysis the war on terror is not a big deal.

Yes I still want to stomp on the assholes of the world and to use our power to make the world a better place.

But no matter how you cut it, health care, tax policy, education policy, economic policy are much much bigger issues to care about for the election.

Think about the real issues before you vote.

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