Friday, June 04, 2004

  Jesse Jackson Plays Hardball

On Hardball tonight Jesse said, Kerry should consider a black VP, to get out the base. I do believe if he did that Kerry could easily win the presidency. Jesse made no doubt about his support for Kerry but he said, republicans with less than 10% of the black support managed to have a black supreme court justice, secretary of state, national security advisor etc. Shouldn't the democrats with 90% be able to find someone, to put in a substantive position. All I can say is wow. Jesse is actually paying attention, to bad he is still a house negro for the democrats so he can't consider doing the only thing that will allow him to acquire true power which is becoming a swing voter.

Update: transcript is now online:

JACKSON: Talk about two Americas.

But on the other hand, if an impact analysis says, given the ups and downs, choose Lieberman or choose Ferraro or choose Gephardt, or choose Benson, given the huge number of black Democrats...


JACKSON: ... who are registered and not voting, or unregistered, suppose on the ticket were an African-American who brought that ticket excitement enough to have an impact in the 17 battleground states and in the South. That—We should at least have somebody.

If the Republicans with five percent of the black vote can get out of there a Supreme Court justice, a security chief...


JACKSON: ... and a secretary of state. Out of this pool of talent must be somebody worthy of considering to be an impact player as we go toward expending our base.

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