Friday, June 25, 2004

  Why I Don't Blog for Bush

One with think with a blog titled Blacks for Bush it means you are part of the Bush team and so I should proudly post my logo. I don't do that, because this blog is for blacks not for Bush.

There are clear policy choices in this election that will affect lives of the majority of black Americans, in this election the republican party, Bush in particular, has more to offer us than the democrats. Unfortunately we will not be able to benefit from them unless we vote for Bush in 2004. Bush has stood by his supporters again and again, those who don't support him get ignored. The majority of black America can not afford to be ignored by the government.

Do you want to send you child to the best school available? If so vote republican.
Do you want to bring back the draft? If so vote for the democrats.
Do you want to cut taxes for business? If so vote for Kerry.
Do you want to help people in Africa ? If so vote republican.

Its about policy.

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