Thursday, July 01, 2004

  My Base is better than your Base
Pollsters in both parties tell me Mr. Kerry's chief problem is his message, which is too unfocused to appeal to the independent swing voters he will need to beat Mr. Bush.
"What message? Kerry really hasn't found a compelling message," said independent pollster John Zogby, who just a month ago predicted Mr. Kerry would win in November.
"Nothing of interest is breaking through on his part. Nuance is not going to win it this year. His base is way out ahead of him and he is going to have to give them something," Mr. Zogby told me.
The above quote is true for both candidates. Yes I know Bush is busy working while Kerry has walked out on his job as senator, but there is not a single Bush commercial where he says what I plan to do if re-elected. In this election it looks like both sides are preaching to the converted, hoping that the sane middle stays home pissed at both candidates and the election is decided by who can get out their base.

Only amature policy bloggers have any idea what Bush's or Kerry's policy plans are.
That is a problem for our democracy which is quickly becoming a lynch-mobocracy.

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