Wednesday, July 28, 2004

  Racism Still Exist : Understand it and work against it everyday

On a personal note, when I was last looking for a job, many of the recruiters wanting to represent me asked to see me before they set me up for an interview. I decreased my chance of being discriminated against by only having phone interviews with recruiters unless they scheduled an interview with the hiring company on the same day. One must be vigilant to protect ones own interest.

The study by Vanderbilt University business professor Mark A. Cohen found that 43.3 percent of Honda's African American borrowers were charged a markup, compared with 22.2 percent of white borrowers.

Of those charged a markup, blacks paid an average $557, compared with $227 for whites. The study found that the disparities occurred even when borrowers of different races had the same creditworthiness.

Cohen's study of 383,652 AHFC loans between June 1999 and April 2003 said black borrowers paid $24.7 million in markups, nearly a quarter of the total, although they were only 12 percent of the company's customers.

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