Tuesday, August 17, 2004

  'Alan Keyes supports a form of reparations? (WTF)' from Ramblings' Journal

Fellow conservative brotherhood member is upset about Alan Keyes supporting reparations. I Think he has fallen into the classic falsehood that you can't combine conservative principles with social justice. Of course Alan would be against suing for reparations from corporations because it would be unjust to take their personal property for actions that were legal at the time they were committed. The fact that he believes two wrongs don't make a right doesn't mean he has to ignore the wrong that was done to black Americans by slavery and racism. He has obviously thought about it and came up with what is the most logical and just reparations plan that fits with his beliefs.

Below are the comments I left at Rambling Journal:
I have personally spent a long time thinking about reparations, and I think the plan of allowing blacks to be free from taxation is the best plan. It would also account for current racism where black workers trade at a discount. So if you are making 30k vs. the white guy 40K, your take home pay would be about the same if you didn't have to pay payroll and income taxes. And guess what, it would cost the company 10k less so now there is a direct economic incentive to hire black.

I discuss this topic daily myself. I also have a website that talks about income online tax schools related things. Go check it out if you get a chance.
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