Tuesday, August 03, 2004

  Convention Wrap Up

I am surprised I have so little to say about the Democrats convention, I liked Sharptons speech. He gave his best, but his speech showed how he is a dinosaur.
He showed that the last time that the democrats did anything for black Americans was 40 years ago.

Kerry's speech was like an episode of Sienfeld except it was a hour of nothing instead of 20 minutes.

"40,000 more troops but not for Iraq". WFT, are we taking out France ?

And please talk to a shrink about your Vietnam experience. I understand it was the most traumatic 4 months of his life but please get over it. BTW fun article about his Vietnam experience over at counterpunch, "Hail, the Conquering War Criminal Comes!"

All I can say, in the hour, nothing at all for black America, nothing even for poor America (which black America is a disproportionate amount of). What good is 4k for college if your k-12 education left you innumerate. Lets not even talk about this problem where some colleges are 45k a year.

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