Monday, August 09, 2004

  Kerry = Bush on Jobs
Who designed Kerry's anti-outsourcing proposal? Kerry's economic policy adviser: Jason Furman. Who was Furman's own thesis adviser at Harvard? Greg Mankiw. That's right: Kerry's chief economic adviser learned his economics from Bush's chief economic adviser.

And despite Kerry's nationalist-populist pose, his anti-outsourcing plan is based not on protectionism, but on . . . a classic tax cut for corporate America. Kerry wants to end tax breaks that reward companies who keep profits overseas, and use the money saved to cut taxes on domestic corporate profits by 5 percent.

So, Kerry thinks tax cuts create jobs. Who knew? Of course, Dems have spent the past three years slandering Bush as a destroyer of the middle class for pursuing the same theory, on a broader basis.

Tax cuts for corporations, tax increases for people, are Kerry supporters even paying attention.

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