Saturday, August 28, 2004

  A real 9/11 Memorial for the Delegates to Visit during the Convention

As a native New Yorker the most moving memorial for the victims of 9/11 were the flyers of Missing People that their family members and friends made when people still had hope their loved ones might be missing instead of dead.

On 11th street and 7th ave is St. Vincent's Hospital, and they have save a very small number of the flyers that were posted outside it. The wall is maybe 1000 to 2000 square feet. When you visit you should in silence walk to the middle of the wall and start reading these paper prayers. Read as long as you can, look at then try to imagine all of NYC covered with the flyers, ever subway station, ever wall, every phone booth, on the way work, after dinner out. Everywhere.

Its has become unacceptable to remember the loss, the sadness, the evil of that day. Take a moment to remember these victims. They weren't victims of America's foreign policy as Chomsky would like you to believe they were victim of evil men.

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