Monday, August 30, 2004

  Tough Love

Today as I surfed the blogsphere I found myself giving out some constructive criticism to two new black bloggers I have been reading, Black Pundit a conservative and Black Introspection a lefty.

I realized I was critiquing both for the same thing. First preaching instead teaching. Second having arguments that are false. As anyone who had a good math teachers knows, how you get to the answer is critical for knowing if you have mastered the material. And they both argue with fact that are wrong, and to conclusions that don't follow the "facts" that they stated.

Each of the need feedback from people who don't already agree with them. So if you have a moment please visit their blogs and give some constructive criticism, if you believe that every black blogger is important.

Anyway these are the post I commented on today. "Black People" and Reparation Checks and How Socialism affects the economy.

Please note my comments to Black Introspection sounds a little harsher but that the only because we already know each other from a previous discussion on his "fallacy of capitalism post".
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