Friday, August 27, 2004

  What Bush needs to say at the Convention to put Kerry Down and out : Part 2

Continuing from Part 1:

We are in an economy of transformation. Thanks to our policies our economy is growing at an unprecedented rate. In July 660,000 jobs were created but only 32,000 of them came from big business. In the past big business created jobs, provided health insurance and provided pensions for retirement. Today small business and individuals are creating the jobs, and my policies are allowing individuals to provide their own health insurance and retirement income.

I believe in the drive, creativity of the American people and my policies are designed to help the people. When I cut taxes I cut them for individuals. Sen. Kerry wants to cut taxes for corporations and increase them for individuals. Every plan he has is a another tax cut for corporations. I don't work for corporations, I work for the American people so my tax cuts are for you. When you go into the voting booth on Nov 2, I want you to ask yourself. Who should OWN your retirement plan you or a corporations ? Who should OWN your health insurance you or a corporation ? When you OWN your retirement plan and you OWN your health insurance you can move from job to job. You can take time off to raise your children. You can start your own business and pursue your dreams without the fear of not having health insurance. When you OWN your future its good for your and its good for America.

Kerry has not pledged to make the tax cut permanent because he and his supporters don't trust the America people to OWN their future. We must make the tax cuts permanent not only so you can save more in your IRA so you can OWN your retirement, and not only so when you die your family whom you have worked for your whole life gets your savings not the government but so you have more money today. Its not just YOUR FUTURE its your family's future.

Lets talk health care. In my first term I passed a prescription drug benefit for senior citizens as I promised in 2000. Of course its not prefect but it better than what existed before that is why the AARP supported it, its not everything I wanted for you but it has one key feature to help every American. I would like to tell you about it. Its called an Archer Medical Saving Account (MSA). It works just like and IRA where all of the money you put into it can be deducted from your taxes. The savings in your medical saving account grows tax free. This allows you to pay for your day to day medical expenses with tax free dollars. I encourage everyone who is unhappy with other people OWNing their medical insurance to get a MSA so you can OWN your medical insurance.

In my first term I have laid down the foundation for every American to OWN their Future. But we are also fixing things that went wrong in the 90's. Not only are we prosecuting the corporate criminals of the 90's who abused our trust, we are restructuring the tax code to encourage long term investment and make it a safe and profitable place for everyday Americans to invest for their essential needs such as retirement and medical care. But we are not stopping there. In my second I will push for lifetime Saving accounts that will allow all Americans to save up to $5000 a year which will earn interest tax free. These savings can be used to save for any use at anytime. This will be in addition to your retirement savings and medical savings account.

On Nov 2 ask yourself. Who do you want to own your future ? If you want to own your future vote For George Bush and your republican congressmen, Senators and local officials.

Who should OWN your future ? I want YOU to own it, John Kerry want big corporations and the government to OWN your future. On Nov 2 you do have a Choice.

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