Thursday, September 23, 2004

  Non Violence Against Terrorism

While posting at Peg's What if I realized that we are basically using non-violence bring peace to Iraq. Don't let the 150k troops fool you. They and the thousands that have gone there to help rebuild are non-violent warriors against terrorism. They are not responding in kind with kidnapping, roadside bombs and beheading they are responding with love and helping to rebuild. I hope Gandhi's words below will clarify it for you.

Question: Mr. Gandhi, I understand the concept of non-violence and civil dis-obedience. Do you really think it would work in all situations? For example, against a monster like Hitler ?"

Answer: Non-violence does not mean making peace. On the other hand, it means fighting bravely and sincerely for truth and doing what is just. Like all fights, there will be a terrible loss and pain. But a satyagrahi (soldier of civil disobedience) must go on.

My success with civil disobedience in South Africa and in India has not come easy. A large number of people sacrificed a great deal, including their lives while fighting for truth and justice.

The doctrine of Satyagraha works on the principle that you make the so called enemy see and realize the injustice he is engaged in. It can work only when you believe in God and the goodness of the people to see that they are wrong. As a satyagrahi, I do believe that non-violence is a potent weapon against all evils. I warn you however, that the victory will not come easy- just like it will not come easy with violent methods such as fighting with weaponry.

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