Friday, September 03, 2004

  Only 3 Choices

Those who would call us ignorant for supporting Bush in the election are unclear on the concept of voting. Your choice is limited you can't get everything you want. Anyone who is in any relationship knows it involves compromises. The first choice was Nader who I couldn't support because he represented the green party in 2000 and I hate their communistist platform. That leaves me with two choices the Bush, or Kerry.

I have read Kerry website for the past 8 months. I think his plan for tax cuts for corporations is Wrong, with a capital W. I believe most of his policies are not well thought out and except for tax for corporations he wont be able to pass them. On Bush's side he passed the NCLB act with requires school to report the progress of their students and increases federal education funding by 30% or more. I see tax free health savings accounts. I see blacks appointed to high positions of power.

The choice is between Kerry and Bush. And Bush is better for black America, its as simple as that.
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