Friday, September 03, 2004

  Sean P Diddy Combs speaks out! on "The O'Reilly Factor"

For me this was my favorite part of the final night of the convention. Bill didn't pull any punches, and neither did Sean. I hope they replay it on the Sunday night best of the week show fox has so you all can see. Sean was very clear about not wanting to be a democrat or a republican. He was very clear that his goal was to make his Citizen Change into an AARP for Americas youth. He pushed the need for education and Bill shot back about all the money being poured into education, and Sean replied simply "I know its going into someone pocket because its not getting into the school" and Bill had no reply. My favorite part was at the end when Bill O'Reilly said "can I call you Mr. Combs" and he thanked him an called him a man of his word. For those who are unaware at the DNC P Diddy interviewed Bill.

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