Wednesday, September 01, 2004

  Slavery is not dead : My Reparation Check
In his book "Disposable People," Bales says ownership is no longer an attractive proposition for most slaveholders because the price of slaves is so low. In 1850, a slave would cost about $40,000 in today's dollars. Now, you can buy a slave for $30 in the Ivory Coast. The glut "has converted them from being the equivalent of buying a car to buying a plastic pen that you use and throw away," he says. That makes maintenance of the "investment" a low priority, and little care is taken for slaves' well-being.
Please read this article on modern day slavery. At least 27 million people are slaves today. It includes a personal story about a boy from the Sudan.

Anyway about reparations, $40,000 in todays dollar was the cost of a slave in 1850. Assuming modest 10% interest rate over 154 years the compunded value of each slave is $183,012,873,563. So each family just needs to calculate how many family members were slaves, multiply that number by 183 billion. They then calculate how many living decendants of those slaves exist and divide their billions between then.

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