Friday, October 22, 2004

  Rolling with the Brotherhood

Cobb has an excellent post After The Bubble that understands the race for president has a lot of the same mania that happened during the internet bubble.

La Shawn is taking a break from the short term thinking of daily blogging to think more holistically ( I bet she hates that word).

Juliette Ochieng discusses one of the saddest things about the campaign which is Teresa Heinz Kerry's lost love. To quote
"Mrs. Bush has what I suspect that Mrs. Kerry once had, but has no more. Mrs. Kerry once said this about her late husband:

I'd rather have my husband alive than that money."

Shay Riley discuses Fear of Black man with a Gun a story about man sentenced to 47 years for defending himself against crack dealers.

And Avery gets to the core with "Rights vs. Responsibilities"

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