Friday, October 29, 2004

  Treason and Gay Marriage

Last night I told my wife that Bush/Rove was running a shitty campaign. She said, your an amateur don't second guess professionals. She said they aren't trying to get your vote, you live in NYC. They are speaking to other people.

This morning for the second day in a row I saw a child in NYC wearing a Boston Red Sox hat. I am not a sports fan, but I was incensed. What mother or father would lead their child so astray as to allow them to wear a Red Sox hat in Manhattan. I was thinking we need a law that allows any New Yorker to beat the shit out of anyone wearing Red Sox gear in NYC. I know there were people routing against the Yankees, and even some who actually supported the Red sox. But they had the sense not to advertise it. I was surprised by my anger. But it didn't go away.

These people were evil traitors and not only that, they weren't quiet little treasonous bastards who stayed in the closet and lived with all the privileges that being a New Yorker grants, they were corrupting the youth and parading it around. When I saw second Red Sox hat after dropping my son at school realized that this feeling is what Carl Rove is playing to. The feeling that if no one was watching (like in a voting booth, and unlike in a poll) people can say what they really feel. NOT think feel.

Everyday we hear the anger of the left, its social acceptable. But the anger on the right and in the middle is not socially acceptable so its kept quiet. On the right and in the middle the average person thinks "Of course we needed to kick some Arab ass in the middle east to get some respect. We have been running away since Reagan ran out of Lebanon. Doesn't matter if its Iraq or Saudi Arabia they are all the same to me. Of course I don't want American soldiers dying needlessly but we have a Army for one reason to fight and kill and die. This is a fucking war people, and John Kerry and Michael Moore are traitors because they don't understand that. Abortion is Murder. And gay people should not be encouraged by giving them social security benefits." These are majority feelings, its not rational. But its going to get Bush supporters out to vote.

I suspect Kerry is going to get his ass kicked. Because hate, not fear is driving this campaign and I believe more people hate the left than hate the right.

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