Sunday, October 10, 2004

  Why didn't terrorist stop the Afghan Election ?

Except for the UN screw up with the ink, It went off without any major disruptions.

How in the fuck did that happen in the former stronghold of Al Queda and the Taliban when there are barely any American troops on the ground.

And why is no one discussing what this means.

Think about it, think about the amazing meme that now exist in that country.

Good news for the world, is bad news for sKerry, so they can't bring it up! MSM, that is.
They didn't stop the election because we have a hold on Afghanistan that we do not have in Iraq. We did Afghanistan right.

It's a shame that this wasn't covered more. It's good news, as is the new news that some cities in Iraq are turning against the insurgents, but I don't think this harms Kerry because he has careful not to criticize the war in Afghanistan, so it's success doesn't harm him.
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