Monday, November 15, 2004

  Colin Powell : Thank You for Your Service
He still performed important, even vital roles. In 2002, he prioritized a personal diplomacy offensive spearheaded by his closest friend and loyal right hand man, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to defuse dangerously escalating tensions between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan.

It was one of the great, unsung diplomatic success stories of the first Bush term. South Asian diplomats and Pentagon and State Department insiders were seriously alarmed about the possibility that a full-scale war could break out between the two giant nations that between them comprise one fifth of the human race. Powell and Armitage played key roles in averting the threat.
It good to see that someone in the press has remembered that Colin stopped a nuclear war in 2002. There is no greater testament to his years of service.

I am sure his greatest disappointment of his last four years, has been that the UN refuses to work towards its stated goal. Whether it was not following up on resolution 1441, or deciding for inaction in the Sudan.
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