Tuesday, November 02, 2004

  Giving the Milk Away for Free
I challenge everyone to go to John Kerry's website which I have linked to above. You will not find one thing to specifically help Blacks, even under civil rights nothing, just saying I will enforce current laws and give illegal mexican immigrants citizenship. But if Kerry wins it will be because of the Black vote alone.

Turnout for Mr Kerry will be key and black voters could well make the difference in must-win, closely divided states like Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Historically, blacks have been the Democratic Party's most dependable constituency. In the 2000 election, 90 per cent voted for Al Gore while Mr Bush garnered about nine per cent.

But Mr Kerry, a reserved Boston blueblood from a predominantly white Northeastern state, has on occasion been received only lukewarmly by black audiences and some community leaders felt for a long time that he was taking their support for granted.

I'm not black, but most of my family is, and you are right. They are all voting for Kerry, except for one. Me, I would vote for Kerry, but I'm not a US citizen.
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