Wednesday, November 24, 2004

  Is the NAACP on CRACK ?
Voucher defeat in Fla. called a victory for Black Children

Now I am pissed. And just before Thanksgiving. I have avoided slamming the NAACP on this blog. I guess I need to stop that.
The NAACP, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, Florida Parent Teachers Association, AFL-CIO and the American Jewish Congress, filed a lawsuit against Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s Opportunity Scholarship Program, which provided vouchers to students attending state public schools that had been designated as failing. About 730 students used the vouchers, leaving public schools to attend private and religious schools. Observers said many of those students were black.

As I read this, all I can say is, is this some sort of bad joke? They want affirmative action, which only helps the top 5% of blacks, but they are against vouchers that help black kids get out of failing schools. This is just wrong.
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