Wednesday, November 03, 2004

  Nov 2, 2004 The Ultimate Protest
59 million adults got up and said, "The status quo is good enough for me."

55 million adults said, "I want a change."

Another 104 million adults decided, "The status quo is good enough for me," so they didn't vote.

Only 25% of the country was dissatified enough with the state of the union to vote for change.
Since before we went to war in Iraq, we have been pelted with images of protests and complaints about the Bush admin. We've been told that a 5.4% unemployment rate is disaster, etc etc.... But, no one gets news coverage by saying, "I am happy about the way things are going."

When you go into a casino, the majority of people are losing money. But you only get noises and light for the winners.

The fact is that most Americans are doing fine. They are cool with the status quo. But that is not news. As a result, when the networks have 96 hours of cable news to fill each day, you will see people saying that Bush is a failure and that America is falling apart.

Guess what? It's not and people know it.

Also anyone who has links on black voter turnout please send them to me. I want to study them. I have a theory that blacks and Jews who said they were voting for Kerry in exit polls when they actually voted for Bush were the cause of the bad exit polls.

(This post was edited by Scott's more articulate wife, hence the atypical clarity)

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