Wednesday, November 10, 2004

  The problem with Democrats is that they've become the party of moral absolutism
AND PERHAPS there's some truth in that claim. Maybe the Americans who voted for Bush have doubts about whether homosexuality is a choice and don't want to rush to change sexual-bond institutions that have benefited society for centuries because of an extremist agenda that implies either you're for gay marriage or you're a bigot.

Maybe the Americans who voted for Bush have questions about when life really begins and don't want to support a party that refuses to acknowledge those concerns.

Maybe the Americans who voted for Bush wonder just how much involvement between church and state constitutes an infringement on First Amendment proscriptions against state-sponsored religion. Maybe they are troubled by absolutists who want to wipe faith out of every aspect of public life.
Read the whole article it totally describes me. I was e-mailing with LaShawn about abortion and she was happy that I was actually just thinking about it, instead of taking the Naral abortion on demand fetus is not a person stance. The intolerance of the left has definitely driven me rightward.
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