Tuesday, November 23, 2004

  The universal affliction of irresponsibility

Star Parker nails this one.

Many of the problems in America's inner cities seem to me similar to Israeli-Palestinian problems as described by a scholar of an Israeli think tank.

It's becoming increasingly evident to me that the theme of personal responsibility is crucial everywhere and transcends the particularities of different cultures and religions.

Most discussions I read today imply that in order to understand Arab terror we need to understand Islam and its nuances. The claims go on that we need to understand the cultural, historical and economic circumstances that produce this insane behavior.

I know very little about Islam and next to nothing about the Middle East. I do know irresponsibility when I see it. And frankly, this is what I see operating here, pure and simple. I'm sure this conclusion will not sit well with all the Ph.D.s. But guns, bloodshed and poverty are not unique to the Middle East. They unfortunately are very much part of life in our nation's own inner cities and I do know something about this reality. I see similar themes in these two very different parts of the world.

The irresponsible person, the perennial victim, will always find a reason why it is impossible to get up in the morning, accept life's burdens and quietly and peacefully build a responsible life. There will always be a piece missing from the perfect circumstances that supposedly needed.

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