Saturday, August 14, 2004

  Hard Times

I am out in CA visiting in-laws. Needless to say dial-up AOL is not my idea of being connected to the world. Needless to say I was very very excited with the shout out the Conservative Brotherhood recieved from National Review Online. I Just finished reading "Ralph's Revolt" by Greg Bates, an excellent small press look at why progrssives must not vote for Kerry in the up comming election. It was a much better use of $10 than F9/11 would have been.

I am sorry that the book and the article are not linked. When one is without his tools it's much harder to create. More on this later.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

  Human Rights Watch: Recommendations on Sudan Crisis

What is amazing about this organization is that they don't seem to want to fix the problem. Recommendations for the U.N., E.U., Arab League, African Union but they don't want America, the only country that will actually act now that Bush instead of Bill (there is no genocide here) Clinton is in charge.

I have officially given up on the left, they have no morals. Here is a problem that can be fixed with 5k special forces on the ground and a few precision air strikes but of course E.U. says its not genocide so they will sit on their ass. And everyone is so anti-American that they would rather tens of thousands of Africans die instead of allowing us to act.

Monday, August 09, 2004

  Employment status of the civilian population 25 years and over by educational attainment

Our current unemployment rate is 5.5%. Which as a kid who grew up in the 80's I would call great. Today I went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found this fun chart, which tells us that the unemployment rate of those will a bachelors degree or better is only 2.7%. While those less than a high school diploma have an unemployment rate of 8.3%. Imagine how much harder it would be for the press to spin the BAD economy if they actually reported the numbers this way. And imagine how great it would for kids to KNOW that they would have better life outcomes if they got a better education.

  Kerry = Bush on Jobs
Who designed Kerry's anti-outsourcing proposal? Kerry's economic policy adviser: Jason Furman. Who was Furman's own thesis adviser at Harvard? Greg Mankiw. That's right: Kerry's chief economic adviser learned his economics from Bush's chief economic adviser.

And despite Kerry's nationalist-populist pose, his anti-outsourcing plan is based not on protectionism, but on . . . a classic tax cut for corporate America. Kerry wants to end tax breaks that reward companies who keep profits overseas, and use the money saved to cut taxes on domestic corporate profits by 5 percent.

So, Kerry thinks tax cuts create jobs. Who knew? Of course, Dems have spent the past three years slandering Bush as a destroyer of the middle class for pursuing the same theory, on a broader basis.

Tax cuts for corporations, tax increases for people, are Kerry supporters even paying attention.

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