Saturday, September 25, 2004

  Democrats respond to Bush's Ownership Society

New Partnership for America's Future

Throughout our nation's history, hope and optimism for the future have always defined the American spirit. Our tradition has been to expand opportunity, and strengthen family and community. A vibrant middle class and an informed electorate have formed the foundation of our democracy. That is why House Democrats have joined together to put aside partisanship and put forward the needs of the American people through our "New Partnership for America's Future." This new agenda reaffirms the commitment of House Democrats to six core values for a strong and secure middle class.

I don't have time to read it now, but I will give reviews over the next few days.

Friday, September 24, 2004

  Can a N***A Get Job

Aaron McGruder might be an anti-war lefty but at least he has a sense of humor.

  Kerry Can't Be President Now

Allawi is a hero in the war against terrorism. He is putting his life on the line every day, he has a price on his head. He is the leader of free Iraq a country with 150k American soldiers stationed in harms way. And Kerry is calling him a liar. He has already basically said the Australia was stupid for standing by us in Iraq.

This man is a fool, he is undermining our foreign policy. He can't be allowed to be President.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

  Non Violence Against Terrorism

While posting at Peg's What if I realized that we are basically using non-violence bring peace to Iraq. Don't let the 150k troops fool you. They and the thousands that have gone there to help rebuild are non-violent warriors against terrorism. They are not responding in kind with kidnapping, roadside bombs and beheading they are responding with love and helping to rebuild. I hope Gandhi's words below will clarify it for you.

Question: Mr. Gandhi, I understand the concept of non-violence and civil dis-obedience. Do you really think it would work in all situations? For example, against a monster like Hitler ?"

Answer: Non-violence does not mean making peace. On the other hand, it means fighting bravely and sincerely for truth and doing what is just. Like all fights, there will be a terrible loss and pain. But a satyagrahi (soldier of civil disobedience) must go on.

My success with civil disobedience in South Africa and in India has not come easy. A large number of people sacrificed a great deal, including their lives while fighting for truth and justice.

The doctrine of Satyagraha works on the principle that you make the so called enemy see and realize the injustice he is engaged in. It can work only when you believe in God and the goodness of the people to see that they are wrong. As a satyagrahi, I do believe that non-violence is a potent weapon against all evils. I warn you however, that the victory will not come easy- just like it will not come easy with violent methods such as fighting with weaponry.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

  What is a Black Agenda ?

What is it and what should it be. It's an open question for all of my readers. For my readers who are not black, tell us what the media has told you the black adgenda is?

  A Plan for Fallujah and the Future of Iraq

"U.S. commanders say they want to wait until Iraq's new army is large enough, and trained enough, to assume a leading role in retaking the city. "It doesn't do any good for us to go in and clean it up if it's a pure United States or coalition operation," said Lt. Gen. John F. Sattler of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, the top commander responsible for Fallujah and the rest of western Iraq. "We need Iraqi security forces with us. We need to be side by side when we move in, so that when it is said and done, when you open your door the next day and look out, there's an Iraqi policeman, an Iraqi National Guardsman, an Iraqi soldier on your street."

Sattler's predecessor, Lt. Gen. James T. Conway, who relinquished his command earlier this month, insisted that "the Marines we have there now could crush the city and be done with business in four days."

"But that's not what we're going to do," Conway said. Since the handover of sovereignty to an interim Iraqi government in late June, he added, Fallujah "is an Iraqi problem. If there is an attack on the anti-Iraqi forces that inhabit the city, it will be done almost exclusively by Iraqis."


One Marine officer said the U.S. goal was "to split the city, to get the good people of the city on one side and the terrorists on the other."


In what may be the strongest sign of tension between residents and foreigners, the head of the Shura Council, Abdullah Janabi, who had invited foreigners to the city in April, issued a statement on Friday calling Zarqawi a "criminal."

"We don't need Zarqawi to defend our city," said Janabi, who sought to draw a distinction between what he called "Iraqi resistance fighters" and foreign fighters engaged in a campaign against Iraq's infrastructure, foreign civilians and Iraqi security forces. "The Iraqi resistance is something and the terrorism is something else. We don't kidnap journalists and we don't sabotage the oil pipelines and the electric power stations. We don't kill innocent Iraqis. We resist the occupation."

Zarqawi's actions, Janabi said, have "harmed the resistance and made it lose the support of people."

Monday, September 20, 2004

  Anybody But Bush

The anybody but Bush phenomena is well know, but the media and even the blogsphere hasn't investigated it or discussed why its so dangerous for America and the world. The only place I have seen it discussed is in Ralph's Revolt. Ralph's revolt destroys the case for demonizing Bush and his administration. It rightly points out that his tax cuts, the war on Iraq, patriot acts were all bipartisan efforts thus pulls the rug out from under the Anybody But Bush groupthink.

Over the weekend I didn't participate in the political listserv I am a member of. It is a liberal echo chamber, usually Bush is the anti-Christ stuff. So they all seem to be joined together against me and my more sensible ideas. But they are only united in one thing hate for George Bush 2. Once I was not there for them to yell at as their Bush voodoo doll they had to talk among themselves.

On Iraq one person was able to say that taking out Saddam was a good thing and that the Iraqis need to step up to the plate for their freedom. Needless to say many of the others couldn't agree on that, I wont even mention how many facts they had wrong, I mean one person said we have now killed as many people as Saddam had in Iraq (their ignorance is sad really). Their opinions varied from withdrawing to spending all of our money to fix Iraq under the you broke it you bought it policy.

Could you imagine what would happen if that coalition of hate was in power. They would be paralyzed into inaction. It would be a victory for the terrorist. I watched John Edwards give a speech saying Kerry is for energy independence, he mentioned gas drilling in Alaska, he mentioned using coal can you imagine Kerry getting either of these two policies past the environmentalists in his own party ? Of course not, they would be paralyzed into inaction.

This is not a time for inaction, thanks to our upcoming election and the anti-bush press Bush is inactive in Iraq until after the election, inaction is bad for the Iraqis, I know we have the ability to fix it come Nov 3 but the inaction is making a bad situation worse. We are inactive in Sudan, why because the left has been so down on Bush about U.N. and French support, so instead of us acting we are letting people die while resolution after resolution gets floated and failed.

Bush is not perfect, his supporters have many different views, but each view isn't the opposite of his other supporters view like they are in the ABB coalition of hate.
Being against affirmative action is not the opposite of wanting tax cuts. But using coal for energy independence is the opposite of reducing carbon emissions.

Kerry flips flops not because he is indecisive but because he is accurately representing his supporters. Inaction become Rwanda, even in the political/press straight jacket Bush is in he and Colin have saved more lives in Sudan than Clinton did in Rwanda.

This year, like every year is a time of action. Vote Bush, Vote Nader, Vote Kerry but don't vote Anybody But Bush, its the wrong signal to send to the world. Pick a direction you want our country to go, instead of throwing out the map.

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