Saturday, October 16, 2004

  Why I turned Conservative

Just a few minutes ago I finally figured it out. I was replying to another strange post over at black introspection and I finally realized why I had finally lost patience with the traditional black leadership and the liberal mindset. When I started this blog with its obviously provocative name I was just pissed off at the fact that in all the talk of swing voters and handouts to important groups for their votes that blacks were ignored by both the democrats and the republicans.

But over the months of discussion I came to realize that I have always been conservative. I have always believed in hard work and personal responsibility. And that is the core of the black conservatism. We learned it from out fathers and mothers, works twice as hard because racism exist, keep your nose clean because the criminal justice system can't get justice for the black man, suck it up when you work harder and get less than your white co-workers, life is hard but you have everything you need to succeed inside you.

We don't reject the civil rights movement or its successes, we reject the ignorant view that expects the government to fix our problem. We reject the mentality that allows our young people to blame their failures on racism when they have more and more opportunities every year. We also reject that the alliances that helped us achieve the victories in the 1960's are going to help up achieve the victories we need in the 21st century.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

  A Southern black minister tells why he will vote for George W. Bush

Fellow Conservative brotherhood member links to this powerful letter. The best part is the comment section, even some known skeptics were moved.

BTW: For those who don't know I have become a 1 issue voter for this election. NCBL.
If you are a black American who cares about our future this election is a no-brainer.

  Who is responsible for your Health : You : Doctor : : HMO : Government ?

Sunday, October 10, 2004

  Why didn't terrorist stop the Afghan Election ?

Except for the UN screw up with the ink, It went off without any major disruptions.

How in the fuck did that happen in the former stronghold of Al Queda and the Taliban when there are barely any American troops on the ground.

And why is no one discussing what this means.

Think about it, think about the amazing meme that now exist in that country.

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