Friday, November 12, 2004

  Understanding Liberal Amorality

I am part of a political discussion listserv. When the list started I was a liberal. I was pissed about 2000 election. The list serve calmed down until 9/11 since then the liberal on the list have made me realize there is no place for moderate views on the left side of debates.

The left is saying that middle America is stupid, unscientific in their voting decisions. But the fact is it is the left that has lost any modicum of common sense. And they refuse to accept dissenting views. If you say marriage is between a man and a woman you are a gay basher. If you think there should be some protection for unborn children you are a religious zealot. If you believe in tax cuts for the rich you want poor people to go hungry. If you think people should have to identify themselves to vote you are trying to suppress the vote. You can't say Arafat is a killer without getting Bush has killed more civilians in Iraq than Arafat has.

Its become almost impossible to have a debate with a politically active liberal.

Science has proven that most babies can live outside the womb at 22 plus weeks of gestation but the refuse to give any protections to those babies. So in their mind a person who takes a baseball bat to a woman uterus and kills the baby did not commit murder, they only assaulted the woman.

Arafat is the father of modern terrorism, but to the left he is the same as our minutemen and Bush is worse because he attack Iraq.

It so sad that so many people around they world have become so confused and have lost any touch with common sense.

So when people are saying they voted for Bush because of morality. Its not because they agree with his morality but because he actually believes in right and wrong. He believes there is difference between targeting civilians and civilian caught in the crossfire. Hell even the Bloods and the Crips get it. They might kill a child in a crossfire but they aren't rolling up and shooting random women on the street. Which is what Arafat's supporters have done for decades. The left has given up on right and wrong. The lure of "rights" without responsibilities is so strong that they can't admit that there is something wrong with abortions. This a woman right to choose they say again and again, as if its a hair cut.

How could John Kerry say I believe life begins at conception but I will do nothing to protect those lives. I guess like Clinton who believed people were dying in Rwanda but he was unwilling to do anything to protect those lives. We don't need leaders who refuse to stand up for what is right. I didn't vote for Bush for moral reasons. But I understand the people who do. If you don't have time to become an amateur policy wonk all you have to rely on is does your leader have a moral compass and is he willing to follow it.

  Veterans Day : Every Day

The office where I work was built in 1928, In the lobby are a few plaques listing the employees of my company who perished in WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. I walk by them every day. And occasionally I stop look and think and read the names. Small memorials like this exist all over the country. Most churches have memorials like that, where they show the members of their community who paid the ultimate price for freedom.

Keep your eyes open, look for them and remember. Freedom isn't free.

Thanks you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

  The problem with Democrats is that they've become the party of moral absolutism
AND PERHAPS there's some truth in that claim. Maybe the Americans who voted for Bush have doubts about whether homosexuality is a choice and don't want to rush to change sexual-bond institutions that have benefited society for centuries because of an extremist agenda that implies either you're for gay marriage or you're a bigot.

Maybe the Americans who voted for Bush have questions about when life really begins and don't want to support a party that refuses to acknowledge those concerns.

Maybe the Americans who voted for Bush wonder just how much involvement between church and state constitutes an infringement on First Amendment proscriptions against state-sponsored religion. Maybe they are troubled by absolutists who want to wipe faith out of every aspect of public life.
Read the whole article it totally describes me. I was e-mailing with LaShawn about abortion and she was happy that I was actually just thinking about it, instead of taking the Naral abortion on demand fetus is not a person stance. The intolerance of the left has definitely driven me rightward.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

  Articles Worth a Minute or Two to Read

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The political genius of George W. Bush

We weren't dumb enough to vote Kerry

Dupes and Dopes Of Campaign '04

Monday, November 08, 2004

  The Silent Swing

The CNN exit polls number of 11% Blacks voting for bush has been the most quoted. But the L.A. Times exit poll ( PDF link) shows 14% of black voters voted for Bush. I hope more post election phone polls are done and we get better data. But The 14% number feels about right.

14% of Blacks voted for Bush, 14% of America is Black. So I get to be a double minority, I am cool with it. I hope my readers are too. I would like to give a shout out to those brave African-Americans who were willing to vote their beliefs and not follow the pack because of peer pressure. (BTW I do believe a good number of blacks voted for Kerry because of their beliefs and not peer pressure, to them I say there is no sin in being wrong).

I hope both parties realize how important this swing of black voters really is. This election is the tip of the iceberg.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

  Blacks for Bush : Mission Statement
Since the Democrats have failed in their mission to respect and protect their strongest supporters and ignored the black vote I have decided to vote for Bush in the following Election. For me the decision is very easy I live in NYC and NY always goes democrat so my vote is effectively useless in a presidential election. Unfortunately the sick feeling I get when I consider voting republican means that I am not a swing voter and thus elected officials ignore my needs. Over the next few months I will be investigating and sharing why Blacks should vote for Bush in 2004.
I started this blog, with this mission statement. The question I ask my readers. Have I accomplished my mission. If not where did I go wrong. If so what do you think my next mission should be.
  I am sure Bush pulled more that 11% of the Black Vote

Last night I was at a basement party. And liberal girl started on the usual diatribe about how awful Bush is etc. And I was surprised at the response because about 1/2 of the black men at the party had voted for Bush. And this is a group of people I have known for years, but I barely see anymore since I have gotten married, so its not like I have been talking to them a lot. But on their own they have come to the understanding that Bush is a better leader than Kerry. And this is in a city where 85% of the people voted for Kerry.

The black vote (at least the under 40 black men) are in play. I am sure the exit polls are wrong. I suspect the pre-election poll of 18% are about right.

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